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HI, EVERYONE! I have some exciting news for my readers. I hope to be showing all of my books at the 2016 KENTUCKY BOOK FAIR in November at the Frankfort Convention Center. In addition to my new inspirationals entitled SEA SECRETS and THE VIGIL, the first and second of the Inspirational Journeys Collection, I will have copies of A PLACE CALLED MORNING, THE SCAVENGER ALLIANCE AND THE MASTERSON CONSPIRACY, the first and second of my trilogy, The Freedom Fighters, for sale at the fair. When you purchase a copy (and I hope all five books!), I will sign each one for you. Also, it would be greatly appreciated if you would consider doing a review of my works after you have read them on to inspire other potential readers. Thanks so much to all for your support, encouragement and HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THE BOOK FAIR!

Sea Secrets is the first of the Inspirational Journeys Collection. The backdrop of the sea is used to illustrate spiritual principles applicable to daily living with God. Personally written to encourage and excite readers, Catherine converts the ordinary into the extraordinary. Readers will enjoy the unique photographs and the easy read of this devotional. Take a journey with the author to discover His sea secrets.

The second book of The Inspirational Journeys Collection, The Vigil. Using varied experiences in Frankfort’s community theater group, The Pegasus Players, Catherine adapts them to an Easter drama to demonstrate spiritual principles applicable to daily living, both on and off the stage. Take a front row seat and enjoy the play!

The Masterson Conspiracy opens with Kentucky reporter Cole Roberts of National News Weekly magazine slipping off a plane in the midst of the jungle. Under a spray of gun fire, he and the crew unload supplies. Ashley Marston, a missionary from a remote village nearby, rushes to help. Wounded, she falls into the arms of the reporter while Sanderson Maguire, an Irish revolutionist of International Strategy Commission (ISC), armed with a machine gun, disappears into the forest. The reporter hurries the injured missionary to a hospital.

When Cole visits Ashley at the New Hope Lighthouse located in South Carolina’s Masterson State Park to inquire of her recovery, they witness mysterious happenings in a huge cave system behind Moon Bow Falls. Has Trent Masterson, the park’s owner, hired Maguire to oversee the stockpiling behind the falls? Is Paul Shepherd an agent of the Searchlight of Freedom (SOF) sent to sabotage the ISC operations? Do Cole and Ashley find the love they have been seeking for a lifetime? The Masterson Conspiracy will grip you until the surprising end!

Abel Zalman, famous Israeli intelligence agent, becomes the target of Jack Slade, one of the International Strategy Commission’s (ISC) notorious assassins as he is being interviewed by Kentucky reporter, Cole Roberts, on assignment from National News Weekly magazine.

When Zalman’s son, Levi, is kidnapped by ISC agents, Cole is assigned to the story leading him and Abel to the small rural village of Wood Lake, Vermont where Ernst Derringer, the Scavenger in Hitler’s SS, was to have hidden a fortune of gold after escaping from Germany at the end of WWII. By now, Jack Slade has already found Derringer’s gold lamp, knowing the Searchlight of Freedom (SOF) agents are on his trail.

Famous novelist Justin Cavanaugh and his wife, Bridget, grieve over their son, Todd, who died in an accidental drowning near the old covered bridge. Or was it murder? Justin sets out to find the truth while he struggles to know Jesus Christ in a personal way. Does Cole Roberts uncover more than just a story to locate the Scavenger’s alleged treasure? Is Abel Zalman hunting this German officer for revenge or to find the gold for the ransom demanded by his son's kidnappers? Experience the height of suspense propelling you to read on to the exciting end!

Actor Jordan Kinkaid had it all, and more. That all came to a tragic end on a winding mountain road, in a heap of twisted metal and exploding flames that took the life of his closest friend and well-known agent, Allen Marek.

Now Jordan is a prisoner of his new wheelchair and his paralyzed and broken body. Will he find a reason to live again? Will he ever love again? Will he ever walk again? Will he ever find forgiveness...or even forgive himself?

As Jordan works to reclaim his life, he longs to know what dark secret the caring, attractive nurse practitioner, Christine Simmons, carries. And who is stalking Jordan Kinkaid, to kill him? He struggles with the question: is God real? And if so, can He make a difference in the lives of broken people?

In A Place Called Morning, plumb the depths of human brokenness and fear, and soar to the heights of love as you follow Jordan Kinkaid in his journey to new life, healing, and the power of spiritual salvation.